Café concert

Café concert 01/03/2019 | 19 h 30 - 21 h 00

THE WARP is a group of young Pop R & B musicians, created 4 months ago, gathering 5 members coming from different bands: Joun-JK (singer) from LOKO Studio, Do (guitar), Lam (bass guitar) from the band OOPS, Doe (piano) from LEPROZY and Dola (drums) from BLACK EYES. While creating The Warp, they still continue with their production house. This formation is exceptionally constituted in order to create modern music titles that meet with success. Their band name “THE WARP” defines their kind of fusion and original music. Their first song is called “Kharng Kha”, and more titles are going to be produced.

Institut français du Laos