Tales & Legends from Laos

Tales & Legends from Laos 24/05/2019 - 25/05/2019 | All day

Tales and legends from Laos is a show composed of 5 short tales from the lao oral tradition, which have be rewritten and adapted to the stage by author and director Thiane Khamvongsa. The first part of the show is about the founding myths of the world. Two tales such as The origine of rice or the legend of the Lord Toad (theater of objects – 15 minutes) and The legend of Pou Yoe and Gna Yoe (shadow theater – 15 minutes) are parts of the answers of our ancestors about the origin of men and nature, at a time when science couldn’t yet explain the creation of the world. In the second part we transition to tales of ancien and kingdom with Sithon and Manola’s journey (Puppets theater – 15 minutes) which is perhaps the most famous love story of the entire Lao mythology. For the third part, we move on to the folktales, these little life lessons that teach children core values with The mango tree (Shadow theater – 5 minutes) and The little crocodile who wanted to eat a monkey’s heart (Puppets theater – 10 minutes). All tales are accompanied with a cultural explanation in context, and the student can ask their questions between performances.

Institut français du Laos