VIENTIANE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL 03/05/2019 | 18 h 00 - 21 h 00

FRANCE, Peemaï – 3rd May 2019

Peemai’s music draws from the musical traditions of Southeast Asia, from Burma to Indonesia. Inspired by the “musical hues” of this part of the world, the four musicians have chosen to recapture those sounds and tunes. Melodies borrowed from molam (the rural blues of Laos and Issan region in Thailand) mingle with electro and reggae, sacred music imbibes sounds from Hendrix and Coltrane…

Through hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies, the band offers a unique musical set, a perfect fusion of traditional Asian music and jazz, rock and European electro culture.”To live a Peemaï concert is to make your ears travel towards something astonishing. You gape at the saxophonist and you can hear his keys; your eyes glide over the guitar and the bass, and the dampness of the Mekong invades you. Shaken by the drums, you realize that you have moved to another time zone. The miracle is an accurately collective sound, so unusual and beautifully insolent. “Alex Dutilh – Open Jazz / France Musique – April, 2017

Jazz News Magazine deemed their first album « Indispensable ».

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