Film screening outdoors! HOMMAGE A BELMONDO “LE DOULOS”

Film screening outdoors! HOMMAGE A BELMONDO "LE DOULOS" 07/01/2022 | 18 h 00 - 20 h 00

Excellent movies screened outdoors: it’s in January at the Institut français !

French version subtitled in English. Free entrance.

 CINEMA //VENDREDI 07 JAN 2022 at 18:00: HOMMAGE A BELMONDO “LE DOULOS”, J.P. Melville, 1961, 1h50

Le Doulos begins by introducing us to Maurice, an ex-con, just released from prison after serving a six-year sentence. He then murders his friend, and steals the jewels he had been hiding. Shortly afterwards, Maurice plans a heist of a rich man’s estate and shares his plan with Silien, who is rumored to be a police informant.


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