“Goodbye Mister Wong”

"Goodbye Mister Wong" 26/11/2022 | 19 h 00 - 20 h 45

CINEMA // SATURDAY / 26.11.2022,at 7:00pm “Goodbye Mister Wong“, Kiyé Simon Luang, 2020, 1h46

France works at her family’s karaoke restaurant on an old boat at the shores of lake Nam Ngum. She falls in love with Xana, an underwater logger, while Tony Wong, a quiet and sentimental Chinese billionaire which is exploiting this subwater richness declares his heart to her. It’s then that Hugo arrives in search of his wife Nadine who left one year ago… He enters a surreal period of exile, captivated by life around the lake’s splendour.

Institut français du Laos