Language Courses

delfInterested in learning French? Come join us at the Institut français ! Since 1994, the Institut français is a reference center in the field of learning French in Laos.

  • The most comprehensive offer of courses in Laos
  • Quality teaching within an official institution
  • All the French examinations available in the only center entitled by the French Republic
  • An effective educational team dedicated to the students

Our Course Offerings

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, you’ll find the course that corresponds to your needs and availability. Our programs are adapted to children and to adults, as well as to university students and professionals. We also proposes Lao & English courses. Download our “Language Courses” Brochure



Vientiane : Language Courses, New Term
French, Lao, English are easy to learn with the IFL teachers! Courses are open to all, at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced. At the Institut français, we provide...

Brush up your French language
Holiday formula (students of Lycée Hoffet) : Join us to brush up your French language with fun! With 2 hours of lessons per day for 3 days, you  will improve...